Reviews on the use of Intona:


  • Music library of 11 special musical compositions for the course of recovery and wellness sessions;
    Built-in acoustic system for generating waves of musical massage;
  • Dynamic light-color scenarios and patterned design to create an attractive aesthetic atmosphere;
  • Radio control panel for light-color and music-acoustic capabilities;
  • Optimal for recovery horizontal position of the user's body. Gravity in this position does not prevent the restoration of the normal distribution of blood and lymph in the vessels, which is disturbed by the prolonged stay of many people in a sitting position;
  • There are options for body position in Intona massage session: lying on his back, on his stomach or on his side. Changing the position of the body creates additional effects of recovery and wellness;
  • Easy to learn and maintain;
  • Collapsible design for ease of delivery and installation indoors.
  • Section for foot soles massage with musical waves;
  • Design and decoration options;
  • Device for using external music sources via Bluetooth;


The Intona bed can be used in the areas of health, education, sports, social and labor security, recreation, tourism, SPA, wellness and fitness.


The Intona light-acoustic bed is included in the List of innovative, high-tech products and technologies by the Moscow innovation Agency.

About Product

Intona equipment is not medical. In accordance with the current "OK 034-2014 Russian Classification of Product by Economic Activities (CPA 2008)", Intona equipment belongs to the field of physical culture and wellness (grouping 96.04.10-massage services) and SPA (grouping - SPA body care, including hygienic, relaxing, aesthetic methods using natural and hardware factors of influence). Intona bed has Declaration of conformity of the Eurasian economic Union.

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