Why Intona sessions are important for mental and physical health:

Accumulated emotional and physical stress is poorly controlled by consciousness, distracts and consumes significant energy resources of the body, reduces performance, manifests itself in the form of spasms of visceral muscles of blood vessels and hollow organs, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, weakened immunity, the development of symptoms of many diseases, mental disorders, emotional burnout, depression, reduced quality of life (mood, sleep, appetite control, sexual sphere).

The state of emotional rest cannot be achieved and maintained by volitional effort, since volitional effort is accompanied by emotional tension;

Most people are able to relax only certain groups of skeletal muscles without simultaneously involving the emotional sphere, visceral muscles and the entire body in this process (J. Greenberg “Comprehensive Stress Management ” 14th Edition).

About Product

Intona equipment is not medical. In accordance with the current "OK 034-2014 Russian Classification of Product by Economic Activities (CPA 2008)", relaxation equipment and services refer to services in the field of physical fitness (grouping 96.04.10) and SPA services (grouping body care, including hygienic, relaxing, aesthetic methods using natural and hardware factors of influence). Intona bed has Declaration of conformity of the Eurasian economic Union.

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