The Intona light-acoustic bed for the health saving


health improvement

 energy recovery


effective removal of stresses

 hight-grade rest

Intona relieves stress, emotional and muscular tension, protects against emotional burnout, restores hormonal balance, functional and energy resources of the organism, captured by tension and stress.

The human body reacts to stress by increasing emotional and muscular tension, which poorly controlled by consciousness and accumulates in the form of stable emotional-muscle blocks of tension. They reduce the quality of life functions and performance, form and maintain a health-destroying stress hormonal background.

To effectively remove the accumulated emotional-muscle blocks of tension (stress) and restore hormonal balance, it is necessary to provide synchronous relaxation of the emotional sphere and muscles of the body.



For this purpose, Intona specialized musical programs and the built-in acoustic system form harmonious musical-acoustic waves, which are audible and tactilely felt by the body (

The Intona bed qualitatively improves recreation room, relaxation room, meditation room, emotional discharge room, psychological relief room, beauty treatments room, the lounge area, swimming pool. Its use increases the attractiveness, effectiveness and a variety of recreation, Fitness, Wellness, SPA, health and rehabilitation opportunities.




• Control of light-color and music-acoustic capabilities of the bed using a wireless touch panel  with an application for PCs and smartphones

• Attractive design and a pleasant audiovisual atmosphere for relaxation and meditation

• High throughput at low cost, easy to assimilate, apply and maintain

• Demountable construction for easy moving and installation indoors

Intona advantages

• A noticeable level of restoration per session of 15 or 25 minutes. Course from 7–11 sessions during the month significantly improves health

• Achieving a state of complete emotional and muscular relaxation. According to the values of electro-skin resistance of the palm this state is 3 to 10 times different from the state of a tired person who is captured by the emotions of accumulated stresses

• Training in the state of full-fledged emotional-muscular relaxation and its regular reminder

• This state is presented to the user in his individual sensations, which are the easiest to remember, fix and then reproduce for the self-defense of the organism in a stressful situation and self-regulation. Over time, because of stress, the perception of this state is weakened and needs to be  regular reminder using Intona sessions

• Variations of the body position - lying on the back, on the abdomen or on the side to improve the individual effects

• Built-in acoustic system with regulation of intensity of influence of each acoustic section: back (belly), hip area, shin area and feet


Equipment has been improving since 2001. During this time, a lot of positive feedback has been received about its use, including: more than 20 social services centers in Moscow, social rehabilitation centers in Moscow, educational institutions, centers for psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation, diagnosis and counseling, psychological support to the family and children of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the rehabilitation center of the State institution “Educational and Methodological Center for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of Moscow city".

At the same time, the use of equipment has shown a significant improvement in the well-being of users suffering from a decline in the quality of vital functions, hypertension 1 and 2, diabetes mellitus and other diseases. Namely, the diseases that are generated or complicated by the stress, accumulated mental and physical tension

The Intona use to improve the performance and rehabilitation of athletes in the State Scientific Center named after A.I. Burnazyan FMBA of Russia. According to the results of studies conducted at the State Research Center, Intona sessions reduce the value of the stress index by 25–70%; significantly increase: mental and physical performance, the stability of concentration in the monotony, the reserve capabilities of the cardiovascular system, stress resistance at the emotional and psychosomatic level; improve: well-being and mood at their lowered level, visual memory, a complex sensorimotor reaction in conditions of multiple disturbances; reduce the risk of psychosomatic illnesses.

Additional options

• Measuring device of electro-skin resistance of the palm to assess the effectiveness of relaxation in Intona sessions

• Light-colored led-structural glasses for enhancing relaxation with special light-music programs


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